Tattoo shop


With several shops througout the country Walls and Skin is a well known name in the tattoo industry. A crew of highly experienced (inter)national artists is available to tattoo you. We handle a wide spectrum of styles. Such as Traditional, and neotraditional; Blackwork and realism; Dotwork and finelines; Watercolour and microtattoos; Lettering and geometrical; and UV tattoos.

We make a lot of custom tattoos, but also offer flashes. If you find a design you like online we can personalise it for you. Or you can inspire our artists to make you something that hasn’t been done before. For big pieces like sleeves we advice to come in for a consultation first. This way you and your artist can discuss ideas and possibilities, as well as an estimate on the price.

With al the different styles we offer, we can be of service to all different type of clients. Please feel free to walk in, we are happy to welcome you with a cup of coffee to discuss some ideas, or book an appointment online.

Prices and touch-ups

Final prices are always agreed upon in the shop. The price of our tattoos, includes a free touch-up within two months. (Exceptions are: tattoos on hands and inner lip, see below). All consultations are free of charge.

Deviant tattoos

On some parts of the body the skin responds differently to the ink. On fingers, inside of hands, low on the foot and inner lip, chances are really high that the tattoo will fade a lot. The amount of time it will take to fade, depends on the condition of the person that got tattooed. Therefore we don’t give any form of guarantee or free touch-ups on these kind of tattoos.

We also do UV tattoos, these are made with a special kind of ink, which will glow when you get hit by blacklight. The effect of the ink is temporary. So within months, your tattoo will transform from glow-in-the dark into a regular tattoo.

Age restriction

From 16 and up, its allowed to get tattooed without parental consent. However, in that case we won’t do tattoos on places that are extremely visible, such as: hands, neck and face. (Same goes for adults who don’t have any tattoos yet.) Also we won’t make you just any type of design, which you might regret when you get older. So if you are 16 and up, please bring your ID, because we will check.