Laser Removal

Tattoo laser service

Of course when getting a tattoo, you get it for life. But unfortunately sometimes the work doesn’t turn out to be the way you wanted it at all. There are a lot of people claiming to be skilled artists, when they’re actually not. That’s why we always advice to choose your shop and artist with care and to choose quality over quantity anytime.

Our skilled laser operators will help you get rid of that old, not so pretty tattoo, or that ex’s name you wanted gone for years. They can even remove scar tissue from tattoos done poorly.

Do you want to lighten up a tattoo to have it covered with something beautiful by one of our tattoo artist? No problem. We can book you a combined consult.

Our prices are highly competitive, so book your appointment or free consult now.

Walls and skin laser service is here to make you happy!

Black diamond laser treatment