Guest spots

Guest spots

We receive a lot of requests of artists that would like to guest in one of our shops. We only work with the best artists, professionally and artistic. Please take the following into consideration, before contacting us:

-Are you a professional and well skilled artist? No home tattooer. Can you reach or exceed the level of work we have in the shop? Do you bring good vibes?

-Are you allowed to work in the Netherlands and able to fix the required paperwork? We don’t provide any papers.

-Do you have your own clients? It is important that you bring your own clients to the shop. If you don’t have any yet, it’s important to promote yourself to bring clients in. The shop will help promoting, but it’s the guests own responsibility. Next to your own clients you will be able to tattoo clients from the shop.

If you have question or are interested in a guest spot, please contact

Graffiti shop in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Walls and Skin has an atelier near the shop in Amsterdam and a backyard at the shop in Rotterdam, here we create our own graffiti art and give workshops for bachelor-, birthday- and kids parties. We supply the spray cans and the wooden panels to spray and take home with you afterwards. For more experienced people, we can arrange an expert workshop, where we spray a wall at the studio backyard.

We also have our own side projects, like the graffiti comic project, where we ask artists to make one frame, for a comic from a story from Robbert Hoving. See the website here or the facebook page where you can stay updated on the pictures we need.