Walls and skin events

If you like art and if you like tattoos, graffiti, parties, hiphop music, cars, good food and chill vibes, you will love Walls and Skin events

Walls and Skin events is a foundation created to bring less conventional forms of art such as street art to the attention of a wider audience.

We do this by organizing urban lifestyle events that bring together live graffiti, tattoos, old school hip hop, break dance and special cars and bikes. It’s an interactive event for all ages, where visitors are offered the opportunity to participate in workshops within the various disciplines.

We like to give participants a change to give visitors a look in their life, and visitors to understand these forms of art.

Also these events are used to give teens a change to explore their talents and maybe find themselves a new path in life.

The past couple of years, have been really dynamic. Walls and Skin events organized multiple editions throughout the country and in 2019 we had the honor of joining two international tattoo conventions (The Ink Factory, Lyon & Baumfest, Barcelona) where taking care of the graffiti on location.

Walls and Skin events is growing rapidly and for 2020 we had more then 10 international events planned. Unfortunately we had to cancel all due to the pandemic.

It is also possible to have your party organised by us.

We are always looking for new opportunities, collaborations, sponsors and participants. Contact us for more info.


Do you want to participate as an artist, with your car/bike or foodtruck? Do you provide entertainment? Or maybe you want to rent a stand? Contact us

Current events

Walls and Skin online Art Battle 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us. If the government doesn’t want to listen to what it’s people have to say then it’s up to art to tell the story of what the sentiments are. Peacefully but clear. All media is allowed.

Send us your art!
Foto’s or scans can be used for the entry (If you use images, we recommend a resolution of 300 DPI, minimum size A3). The winner will get his or her design made in epoxy and it can be sold for the highest bid.

Walls and Skin will make every effort to present the winning project to the head of state of the winners choice. Companies that feel they want to support our project can let us know here.

8.6 is our main sponsor at the moment. Besides that we work with Montana, ASA and Carnero concept + creatie.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us


You want to collaborate on an event or want us to organize it for you? Contact us.

Walls and Skin events, The inkt factory aftermovie 2019

Baumfest Barcelona Walls and Skin events aftermovie 2019

Walls and Skin Zandvoort event Aftermovie 2019

Walls and Skin Rotterdam event Aftermovie 2018