As tattoo artists we look differently at your tattoo then a dermatologist or skin specialist would do. We are on board with some of the best specialists in the Netherlands to remove your tattoo. They are specialised in tattoo removal and we are combining our knowledge about tattoos with theirs of skin resulting in what we think is a great combination.

This does of course feels a bit like working with the devil, because removing tattoos is the utmost evil in our eyes. On the other hand it makes our work a lot easier when super black scratch work gets to be lighter a for cover up with a new piece. Which we are happily to provide for you after. A total blank skin does belong to the options as well of course.

If you want your tattoo removed or covered, send us a message here on the page “Getting your tattoo“. We love to be cynical like that 😉

Choose the city you’d like to be helped in and beg us for removing that crap from your body.



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