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Proud of your tattoo? Proud of the moment it represents? Proud of the pain, time and money you put in the making of it and proud of the artist that made it for you?

They say tattoos last a lifetime and then some, now your tattoo can really be forever with our service to preserve your tattoo.

We work together with a team of medical professionals that will turn your tattoo into a piece of artwork that will last forever.


Preserve tattoos after death

For us to preserve your tattoo, we need some information from you which starts with printing and filling out this form: Donation Form for Foundation of the Art and Science of Tattooing

If you have any questions, please contact Judith van Bezu, she is the chairman of the Foundation for the art and science of tattooing


+316 – 119 29 503

Ready to make the next step? Reserve a slot in our booking system here with the size of the tattoo your want to preserve, the year it was made and the artist who made it for you together with a letter where you state you want this tattoo to be preserved by us and displayed in upcoming preserved tattoos exposition in the near and far future. (we need this letter handwritten by you it states in Dutch Law).

Our aim is to preserve master work done all over the word for later generations and make the world less discriminatory against people with tattoos.